Chris Green Lake is a beautiful body of water located in Charlottesville, Virginia. The lake is open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor day, during daylight hours. In order to fish at the lake an individual must hold a Virginia State Fishing License. An ample supply of sunfish, channel catfish, and largemouth bass are stocked at the lake. The fishing pier is wheel chair accessible. There is a fishing area near the entrance of the pier on both sides that is wheelchair accessible. If your are using a boat the boat must meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements. Gasoline powered motors prohibited. Electric motors are allowed. The lake also has a canoe launch that is very popular during the summer months.
No one is employed at the Chris Greene Lake facility. If you think you will need assistance getting into Canoe Launch or general assistance at the lake, please call 434-296-5844 and ask for Dan Muhon prior (3 days to a week) to your arrival. Dan is the Outdoor Recreational Supervisor for Albemarle Parks and Recreation and he would love to help.

The best route to get to Chris Greene Lake is take route 29 North towards Earlysville; Turn left onto Route 649 (Airport Road); Turn right onto Route 606; Turn left onto Route 850 (Chris Greene Lake Road).