Section B: Physical Inclusion

APPROACH: Transportation

Comments/additional information about transportation:

The Jaunt Bus is the only current form of transportation to Chris Green Lake. The cost is about five dollars per ride from within 18 miles to destination. In order to use the Jaunt Bus, one must call 434-296-3184 Ext:3

Reservations are accepted Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. To better serve you promptly please have the following information ready for the reservationist:

Physical street address of pickup point - Remember to mention which door, and any other helpful tips
Time of appointment (if applicable)
Time requested for pickup
Physical address and name of destination, including building/shopping center name and which door.

OR you may email with the following information
• Date of reservation/cancellation
• Your full name
• Whether you use a wheelchair or other mobility device
• If anyone else will be riding with you
• If a car seat is needed
• Daytime phone number and email address
• Physical address of pickup
• Time of appointment (if applicable)
• Time requested for pickup
• Physical address and name of destination, including building/shopping center name
• JAUNT certification number (if applicable)
• Time requested for return pickup (will-calls for doctor appointments only)

There are several ways you may purchase tickets.
You can purchase tickets by:
• Purchasing directly from a driver with exact change, or with a check made out to JAUNT, Inc
• Visiting JAUNT at 104 Keystone Place in Charlottesville
• Mailing a check or money order to our offices

APPROACH: ParkingChris Green Lake Fishing Pier Parking

(If both are present, assess the agency parking)


(International symbol of accessibility or clear wording)

Number of designated accessible spaces:

(If unlined, approximate number of accessible spaces)

2 spaces
Width of designated accessible spaces:
95 inches
Number of designated accessible spaces with access aisles:
2 spaces
Width of access aisles:
50 inches
Distance from parking to entrance:

(If no designated accessible parking, measure distance from middle of parking lot/area to entrance)

3 feet
Describe the surface of the route of travel:
The surface is completely paved road. The lane is surrounded by an abundance of trees.
Slope of route of travel (at its steepest incline):
16 %
Width of route of travel (at its narrowest point):
219 inches
Comments/additional information about parking and route of travel to entrance:
There is one parking lot for visitors of Chris Green Lake. There are about about 15 parking spaces (including two accessible) that are lightly marked. Many of the spaces have paint missing from the lines. One will be able to see the designated accessible lots and the access aisle markings clear enough.

USE: StairsFishing Pier Stairs

Describe the surface of the route of travel:
The stairs are located on each side of the entrance to the fishing pier. There are a total of four wooden steps for entrance to pier.
Slope of route of travel (at its steepest incline):
0 %
Width of route of travel (at its narrowest point):
27 inches
Step count
4 stairs
Comments/additional information about stairs:
The stairs join two accessible fishing area to the fishing pier. There are one set of stairs located on both sides of the entrance to the fishing pier as well.

Notes about physical inclusion

Any additional information about physical accessibility you feel would be helpful to people with disabilities and their families
Chris Green Lake is for recreational fishing/boating only. U.S. Coast Guard-approved boats and crafts are welcome. Gasoline-powered motors are prohibited. Electric motors are allowed. A Virginia State Fishing License is required. A wheelchair-accessible fishing pier is available. All bass 12 to 15 inches must be released immediately. Five bass per day limit. All other State Regulations apply. Click here for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. No one is employed at Chris Greene Lake facility. If you think you will need assistance getting into Canoe Launch or renting a canoe at the lake, please call 434-296-5844 and ask for Dan Muhon prior (3 days to a week) to your arrival. Travel: The best route to get to Chris Greene Lake is take route 29 North towards Earlysville; Turn left onto Route 649 (Airport Road); Turn right onto Route 606; Turn left onto Route 850 (Chris Greene Lake Road). Once on Chris Greene Lake road you will take the first left. You will go down a rather large (16% slope) hill arriving at a parking lot. There are only two accessible parking spaces with a shared access space. The fishing pier has an canoe launch and two accessible fishing areas near the entrance of the pier. The pier also has a large shaded area to protect from sudden downfall or sun. Need to know: - The fishing pier does not have a restroom. - There are no lifegaurds or staff at the lake. - There isn't a ramp to get or defined path to get to accessible fishing area. There is a grassed area about 80 inches that is between accessible parking lot and accessible fishing area. It is the only route to take if a wheelchair is used. - In regards to the canoe launch, there isn't accessible parking near the canoe launch. From accessible parking to canoe launch is 23 feet. Contact Dan Muhuan, 434-296-5844 if need assistance with canoe launch or boat. - It is important that you bring a small table or cooler to set fishing gear on; items will have to be set on ground if neither of these items are brought. The pier does not have attached tables on pier to allow one to reach items they need while fishing.