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Concord, MA 01742

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The CareOne at Concord outdoor patio is a wonderful place to enjoy the sun, spend time with family, and attended a cookout. From the back parking lot, it is easily accessible to enter the area. The location has indoor bathrooms that accommodate those in wheelchairs. When entering the facility from the front, please stop in at the reception desk in the lobby before heading outside. All entrances have buttons to open the doors, and ramps next to the stairs. The patio is fenced in, and the fences have a latch that will need to be undone manually.

One thing to note about the patio is that the surface is made of cobblestone and brick. This makes it very bumpy to go over in a wheelchair, difficult to maouvour with a walker, and a challenge to stand on with uneasy balance. The patio does have umbrellas, tables, and chairs to relax under, but please be advised to go slow on the stone surface to prevent possible injury.

For those who have difficulty hearing, the fountain creates white noise that has known to be disruptive to hearing aids. Even though the fountain cannot be turned off, there are areas of the patio that are far enough away that hearing is not impacted.

Many events are held on the patio, and families are encouraged to attend them with their loved ones.

Staff members are very helpful, respectful, and accommodating to all needs and request to make your time at the facility more enjoyable.


Skilled Nursing Home, Short Term, Long Term, And Dementia Units.


Picnics, BBQs, Patio Strolls, Performers

CareOne at Concord Front Entrance

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