1142 Crystal Lane

Yadkinville, NC 27055

336-849-7909, ext.3




Yadkin Memorial Park is located at the beautiful, human-made Lake Hampton in Yadkinville, North Carolina. Lake Hampton offers 140 acres of water surrounded on three sides by peaceful old growth forest. Fish, paddle, or relax on the water by kayak, canoe, or boat, and enjoy the beautiful scenery! Amenities include paved walking trail, playground, boating (non-gas powered), fishing, waterfowl hunting, boat ramps, including the Accessible EZ Lauch System for kayaks and canoes, 2 fishing piers, 2 picnic shelters with grills and accessible picnic tables, accessible restrooms, and ample parking.


County Recreational Park


Paved walking trail, wooded (groomed) hiking trail, boating (non-powered), fishing, picnicking, nature photography, playground

Entrance to park is paved and wide. There are some high, narrow speed bumps to encourage drivers to drive slowly.

The parking lot is unlined, and offers two designated, unlined but marked, accessible parking spaces with spacious access aisles.

The path leading from accessible parking to the main entrance, restrooms, and large picnic shelter. The slope is gradual, and the turn at the top of route is unobstructed and wider than 60 inches.

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