2004 Valley Dr.

Syracuse, NY 13207





Webster pond is a small sanctuary located in the city of Syracuse NY at 2004 Valley Dr. Volunteers operate the pond by opening the establishment so that the public can donate and feed the wildlife. The pond is open year around, opening at approximately 9AM-9PM We also have other activities such as a junior fishing program for ages 7 to 15. Summer and fall concerts sponsored by outside venders and much more. The Angler’s Association is the primary operator and Friends of Wildlife is a non-profit. formed to assist in the improvement of Webster Pond to include grant writing, maintenance, events and fund-raising. All proceeds are donations to benefit Webster Duck Pond.


Webster Pond Is A Small Sanctuary Located In The City Of Syracuse Ny At 2004 Valley Dr. Volunteers Operate The Pond By Opening The Establishment So That The Public Can Donate And Feed The Wildlife. The Pond Is Open Year Around, Opening At Approximately 9 Am 9 Pm We Also Have Other Activities Such As A Junior Fishing Program For Ages 7 To 15. Summer And Fall Concerts Sponsored By Outside Venders And Much More. The Angler’s Association Is The Primary Operator And Friends Of Wildlife Is A Non Profit. Formed To Assist In The Improvement Of Webster Pond To Include Grant Writing, Maintenance, Events And Fund Raising. All Proceeds Are Donations To Benefit Webster Duck Pond.


hiking, fishing, feeding waterfowl

Ducks along the edge of the pond

Feeding the ducks and other waterfowl at Webster Pond

A crushed gravel path wraps around Webster Pond