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Rochester , NY 14642




Strong is an award-winning hospital accommodating approximately 886 acute inpatients and over 39,000 annual admissions. Strong serves patients’ needs as both a community hospital delivering traditional and established medical care services along with highly specialized and advanced medical treatments. True to its heritage, Strong continues to strive for innovative, transformational care that defines Medicine of the Highest Order. Strong Hospital improves the well-being of patients and communities by delivering innovative, compassionate, patient- and family-centered health care, enriched by education, science, and technology. Staff members are trained to serve all patients with various disabilities and various medical problems. Strong offers recreational therapy services.




Organ Transplant
Trauma and Burn Care
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Comprehensive Neuromedicine
Complex Cardiology
Cancer Service
Pshyciatric Unit for Adults and Children

Children's Hospital Area

Hallway at Strong