85 North Main Street, Suite 110

White River Junction , VT 05001




Tip Top Pottery is a creative arts and craft studio located in downtown White River Junction, Vermont. They offer classes and independent work time in pottery, painting, felting, and other creative arts. They host birthday parties, adult paint and sip night programs, and offer summer camps for youth in the area. From the website:
At Tip Top Pottery, everything you need to create a personalized piece of pottery is right at your fingertips! We provide ceramic pieces (bisqueware), glazes, brushes, stamps, stencils, and a fun environment to awaken your artistic flow! You’ll be creating your own masterpiece in no time—no experience is required, just your imagination and desire to have fun. Everyone is an artist!


Pottery And Other Creative Arts


Creative arts and crafts classes, summer camps, paint and sip adult nights, and independent creative arts