6252 W 104th Avenue

Westminster, CO 80020





The Butterfly Pavilion is an interactive facility that is known as the first stand -lone Invertebrate Zoo in the world. The Butterfly Pavilion has 5 different exhibits within the one floor building. The 5 exhibits include Wings of the Tropics, Crawl-A-See-Em, Waters Edge, Invertebrate World, and an Outdoor Gardens & Nature Trail. They have daily shows and programs. A special one is at 12:30pm and 3:30pm they release new butterflies in the Wings of the Tropics exhibit. This is a must see and a very magical experience. They also offer winter and summer camps for children. Around every corner you will find a friendly, knowledgeable staff eager to help and educate any visitor on the exhibits around them. Along with the staff around every corner, the Assistant Guest Services Manager, Julie Wagner, is around during the week to help with any questions as well. They are passionate about education and conservation of invertebrates and their habitats. This is a fun, educational, hands on activity with a twist of creepy crawlies, mixed with a magical feel.


Stand Alone Invertebrate Zoo


5 different exhibits, hands on exhibits, play areas, demonstrations, educational activities, scavenger hunts, outdoor trail, camps, wedding venue.