Burnet Park Drive

Syracuse, NY 13204





This Monday Mile loops through Burnet Park and passes by Rosamond Gifford Zoo, playgrounds and a golf course. The route is a designated path on the inner loop of the one-way street inside the park. The path is approximately 4 feet wide. The narrowest part of the path is 2 feet 4 inches wide. There are speed humps on the roadway. At the final turnaround loop, there is a wooden gate with a sign that says that the gate closes after 6 p.m. Maps of the Monday Mile route along with turn-by-turn directions are available on the agency website.

Link to AllTrails map: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/recording/burnet-park-monday-mile


Non Profit Organization.


Health promotion initiatives related to physical activity, healthy eating, and stress management.

Parking lot near the Start/Finish of the Monday Mile.

Sign at the Start/Finish of the Monday Mile.

Sign at the halfway point.

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