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The Untermyer Park and Gardens consist of a nature trail and six gardens. The gardens are the Walled Garden, the Vista, the Color Gardens, the Temple of Love, the Rock Garden, and the Sundial Garden. Tours of the gardens are given on Sundays beginning in late April and ending in early November. The Walled Garden is the most accessible of the six and is filled with beautiful horticulture and history. The Vista starts at the Walled Gardens and descends 135 steps past the ruins of the Color Gardens and to the ancient Roman columns that frame views of the Hudson River. The Color Gardens, Temple of Love, Rock Garden, and Sundial Garden are harder to access but beautiful nonetheless.

The nature trail follows the old carriage trail and is wide and well-maintained. The views are amazing and you may be able to spot some deer and rabbits. The slopes are not that steep, but the trail itself is dirt with loose crushed stone.

During the winter holiday season, the Walled Garden houses beautiful lights, Christmas trees, and classical music. The park opens at 7am and closes at sunset, except during icy conditions. There are no entrance or parking fees.


Park And Historical Gardens


Guided informational tours about the history and horticulture of the park and gardens, Various art and music festivals, free dance classes, hiking

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