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The South Park Ranger District is a U.S. Forest Service ranger district on the Pike National Forest. The U.S. Forest Service is a multi-use agency and offers along with recreation opportunities for ranching, timber, mining, and wildlife. Recreation opportunities on the forest include hiking trails, off high way vehicle trails, camping, nature watching, recreational shooting/ archery, and hunting (There is also fishing but that is managed by the state). While the Ranger District itself does not host many programs they do give other agencies permits to lead their programs on the forest such as rock climbing and guided tours. This agency is a federally managed site. The agency recommends contacting them for more information.


The U.S. Forest Service Is A Federal Multiple Use Land Management Agency In The Department Of Agriculture. The South Park Ranger District Is One Of The Many Ranger Districts That Manages The Lands Of The Pike National Forest.


Camping, hiking, OHV Riding, fishing, hunting, nature watching, and non-recreation uses such as ranching, mining, and timber.

South Park Ranger District Visitor Center/Ranger Station

South Park Ranger District Visitor Center/Ranger Station

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