230 Lincoln Ave (at Clover)

Syracuse, NY 13207

(315) 473-4330



According to the department website: "Southwest Pool is a 25 yards long, six lane indoor pool with a shallow end tier and stairs", accessible to those who use wheelchairs. "The pool is heated to 84-86 degrees. The water ranges from 3 feet 6 inches to 12 feet deep with a 3 foot 10 inches minimum* height requirement for children. Southwest Pool does NOT follow the City of Syracuse school district schedule and does NOT close when the city schools close."

The Syracuse Department of Parks and Recreation is currently partnering with the Inclusive Recreation Resource Center's youth inclusion project to enhance inclusive programming and services from both a social and physical perspective.
The department is currently working on several inclusion enhancements from an Inclusion Action Plan provided by the IRRC; including person-first language, policies and procedures, and staff training.


Public Swimming Pool


Public swim, swim teams, Learn-to-Swim lessons, water exercise classes