629 N Market St

Frederick, MD 21701

(301) 662-3691




The Bernard W. Brown community center offers incredible opportunities to take classes in a wide variety of subjects as well as participate in activities with other members of the Frederick community. The center is linked with the Housing Authority of the City of Frederick and offers housing for members of the community who need it. The building itself was constructed in the 19th century and is not entirely accessible from the street, but it is not impossible to access all parts of the building. The center is dedicated to inclusion and diversity, offering many different opportunities for accessible recreation and socialization.


The Housing Authority Of The City Of Frederick (Hacf) Is An Autonomous, Non Profit Private Corporation Created To Address The Need For Low Income Housing. Their Mission Is To Engage With Frederick’s Low And Moderate Income Residents By Providing A Healthy Foundation For Economic Self Sufficiency Through Employment And Educational Supports In Safe, Affordable Housing. The Bernard W. Brown Community Center Was Built As Part Of The Hope Vi Project In 2007. The Community Center Offers Event And Conference Spaces For Rent And Is Home To Our Development Office And United Way.


The community center offers classes in a multitude of subjects (writing, art, biology, start-you-own business, dance), workshops (writing, painting, self-help, poetry, performance), game nights, personal rental accommodations, and housing opportunities for the greater community.