1115 N. Abington Rd.

Waverly , PA 18471




The agency is a historical building that dates back to 95 years ago. Much of the building has its original fixtures but is fairly accessible considering the ramp way into one of the side entrances. There is also an accessible single use bathroom located on the 1st floor of the main building. The library and gymnasium are easily accessible if entering the building on the 1st floor. If you were to use the accessible parking in the facility's parking lot, you would only be able to access the ground floor entrance which brings you to the children's day care program and the post office. To access the accessible ramp and entrance to the 1st floor of the main building you would have to park on the street and take the concrete walkway to the ramp.


Not For Profit Corproration


Special events, eductional classess and programs, open gym time, and kids programs.