Section D: Adaptive Equipment

Equipment List

Equipment: Limitations with equipment (weight, size, etc.) How to access equipment
Walking Path with adjustable height bars running parallel to the floor user must be able to support their own body weight with arms and legs Located in the center of equipment area
Cuffs with adjustable bands must be capable of adjusting or have assistance available located on equipment rack
TRAC Machine Person must be able to assume the prone position Located in the Main Area
Custom Stairs with railing (series of 6) User must have basic locomotor skills Located in the Main Area
NuStep TRS The seat is adjustable and can swivel. However, the user must be able to make this transition. Located in the Main Area
Schwinn, Hand Cycle Must be able to extend and rotate arms Located near the Entrance
Biodex Balance Trainer Max Capacity of 400 lbs. Located near the Entrance


Comments/additional information about adaptive equipment:
The equipment was purchased and collected with the specific goals of creating a facility that would meet the needs users with a diverse array of needs.