4-H Acres is a ten acre piece of land (and facilities) in Dryden, just off Rte. 13 and east of the airport. Owned by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County, 4-H Acres is maintained by private donations. It is available all year round for 4-H clubs to use. Community groups can also use 4-H Acres for a reasonable fee or work exchange.

At 4-H Acres, a mowed lawn provides a play area for games or just space to sit quietly under the trees. Woods and nature trails provide a natural setting occupied wild turkeys, hawks, deer and pileated woodpeckers.

Kiwanis Hall is the main building on the property. It has 2 large, open rooms, restrooms and a kitchen. The kitchen has an industrial sized sink and stove, refrigerators, freezers and ample work space. Limited cooking and eating ware are provided. Suggested that renters bring own cooking and eating utensils. Just outside of Kiwanis is picnic area with several picnic tables and a large bbq pit (covered with grates available upon request…perfect for a chicken bbq).

The 4-H Acres Horse Barn is a place for stabling livestock. Next door is a rustic ring perfect for riding or any activity that needs a defined space (i.e. dog obedience training, outdoor games). The area is surrounded by woods and nature trails giving it natural beauty.

The Pole Barn has additional open-air space. It is open on all sides and has a dirt floor and bleachers for seating. Individuals who need winter storage space for boats and trailers can rent space under the Pole Barn from the fall through the spring. Rental fees are modest and help contribute to the maintaining of the Acres. Restrooms and showers are in an adjacent building. Livestock panels available open request.