The O'Hara Nature Center is a local nature center, run under the Irvington Recreation and Parks Department. The Irvington Parks staff is responsible for maintaining this energy-efficient facility, the 7 new adjacent gardens, and the 400 acres of surrounding trails. O'Hara Nature Center events are largely operated by the Irvington Woods Committee, a group of volunteers who offer educational opportunities to the public and assist in creating effective plans for maintenance. This facility is a meeting area for programs, school groups, village committees and more. The mission of the O’Hara Nature Center is to promote the community’s enjoyment and exploration of the woods, to educate and involve the community in understanding our local environment; and to demonstrate concepts in sustainability that will inspire the community to live in balance with nature.

The O’Hara Nature Center is an energy efficient and green designed building, which was made open to the Irvington community in September 2012. The building itself is easily accessible to all individuals looking to experience the educational benefits of the nature center. This facility includes 1 open check in area with a main desk, 2 single bathrooms designated by signs, and 1 large wide open community room.