Program Areas such as: Archery, Air Rifles, Fishing, Nature Crafts, Canoeing & Kayaking, Shelter Building, Soccer, Basketball, Slingshots, Ga-Ga, Fire Building, Climbing Wall, Nature Study, Creek Stomp, Performing Arts, Street Hockey, Jewelry Making, Ultimate Frisbee, Angleball, Yoga, Black light Gaga, Volleyball, Frisbee Golf, Knitting, and Dancing.

Hikes to: Covered Bridge, Eagle’s Nest, Giant Sycamore, Spencer Hill, BernDawg Holler, Brush Creek Park, The Wishing Tree, and Sena Cove.

High Ropes, including: Continuous Circuit, Horizontal Ladder, Catwalk, Islands in the Sky, Charlie Chaplin, Burma Bridge, Leap Of Faith, Giants Ladder, Commitment Bridge, Zip Line, Giant Swing, and the Heebie Jeebie.

Low Ropes, including: Birthday Planks, Turtle Bowling, Alligator Swamp, Spider Web, Trust Falls, The Wall, Commitment Bridge, and All Aboard

Water Activities, including: Swimming Pool, Slip n’ Slide, Creek Hiking, and the Trone Zone Splash Pad Waterpark

Village Games, such as: Capture the Flag, Dutch Auction, Muddy Counselor, Counselor Switch, Talent Show, Capture the Camper/Capture the Counselor, Water Gauntlet, Night Hikes, and Highland Games

Camp-Wide Activities , including: Wednesday Party and Candlelight Ceremony