According to the agency website: "The CVCFC is formed for the purposes of restoring the former school building for a range of charitable community purposes. This includes offering cultural programming and encouraging arts-related business ventures as well as maintaining an arts and local interest reference materials collection. Our mission includes not only presenting educational enrichment programs but also providing space for education or training offerings made by other organizations. We participate in economic development programs and work with existing social services agencies to facilitate programs in Northern Otsego County. We actively provide shared or dedicated facilities for senior citizen & teen social functions. In conjunction with Village and Town agencies we provide community recreation facilities. We offer technical assistance to resident activities. We help facilitate the preservation of other significant Cherry Valley structures. We conduct any & all lawful activities that may be useful in accomplishing the stated purposes.

In order to provide a universal and inclusive environment for our community each segment of our building that has been brought into service has been made accessible to all. Our new parking lots, walkways, all of our entrances (doors, ramps, hallways, offices) and bathrooms have been designed and constructed to a strict code of universal access. In our future arts programs we endeavor to further provide for those with limitations by providing large print programs, a signer, assistive listening devices, and/or captioning where applicable and possible. We welcome persons of all ages and levels of ability."