Black Lake Boat Launch

General Information

* Name/Location of Boating Area
Black Lake Boat Launch
Describe the surface of the route of travel:
Slope of route of travel (at its steepest incline):
11 %
Width of route of travel (at its narrowest point):
120 inches
What is the distance from the parking area to the boat launch area?

(if no accessible parking, measure distance from middle of parking lot/area to launch area)

187 feet

(check all that apply)

Hard surface pier

(a gangway or slope that bridges the span between land and the pier)

If yes, how long is the gangway or ramp?
15 feet
If yes, what is the width of the gangway or ramp connecting the land to the pier?
46 inches
If yes, what is the depth of gangway or ramp landing?
60 inches
If yes, describe the slope of the gangway or ramp:
3 %
If yes, describe the surface of gangway or ramp:
metal gratings
Describe the type of railing on the ramp:
metal tubular and easy to grasp

(i.e. textured pathways, changes in color)

Describe the surface of the pier:

(wooden planks, smooth, few rises, mostly even surface, etc.)

Floating wooden dock
What is the width of the pier at its narrowest point?

(60" minimum or, where there are obstacles, the route can narrow to 36" for no more than a 24" length on the pier)

68 inches

(either a permanent mooring spot or space to temporarily tie off)


(lips at sides of piers, docks, or gangways with a maximum of 4" high and 2" wide)



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