Boating Area

General Information

* Name/Location of Boating Area
Boating Area

(a gangway or slope that bridges the span between land and the pier)

If yes, how long is the gangway or ramp?
84 feet

(i.e. textured pathways, changes in color)

Describe the surface of the pier:

(wooden planks, smooth, few rises, mostly even surface, etc.)

mostly even pavement

(either a permanent mooring spot or space to temporarily tie off)


(lips at sides of piers, docks, or gangways with a maximum of 4" high and 2" wide)



There is not a transfer plate at the pier and it is not very wide to fit someone with a wheelchair and persons who would assist with transfer onto a boat. There is also a 8.5 inch step down to reach the piers.

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